About Us

Nomninjas is started by Iris who tries to stay as anonymous as possible in order to shine the spotlight only on her stories on food, her explorations in culinary and experiences in baking.

It started off as an hobby to make her money worth due to her excessive food expenditure. However, unknowingly she has kept it going on instagram for 2 years and now food has become her passion and love of her life. She sees the value in food not by comparison but mainly through the chef who created the dish. From the taste, sight and smell, she always try to see how each ingredients is used to compliment each other and the cook's message (regardless of how simple it is).

This website serves as a diary to showcase her food adventures from hawker food to high-end restaurants and also her own personal culinary journey as well as sweet baking discoveries.

For more conversations and collaborations, you can contact via nomninjas@gmail.com or dm via instagram.